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Extra – October 2020

Welcome to the latest issue of our monthly charity newsletter – Extra.

Update: CQC State of Care Report

Hourglass saw enquiries to our helpline increase by 110%. With no improvement in the ratings for adult social care over the last twelve months, this highlights yet again that much more still needs to be done. We support the CQC’s change to Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) call for a new deal for the care workforce and the recognition of the important role voluntary and community organisations provide. On 22nd October, the CQC released their report of the State of Care. The annual assessment looks at the quality of care over the last 12 months. It includes welcomed recommendations, however, lockdown measures created a pressure cooker environment for abuse. .
Read our statement here

Violet’s Story

Hourglass was quick to respond to the ongoing pandemic by setting up a short-term food delivery service for vulnerable older people during the lockdown. Here is one of the local residents we support in Fife, Violet, with one of our volunteers Carralanne (who now works with us as our Community Response Assistant). After the service ended, Carralanne continued supporting Violet with weekly garden visits, in line with Covid-19 measures, to provide friendship and support around safer ageing.

Sadly, we know that many older people who are lonely and isolated are often deliberately targeted by those who see them as ‘easy targets’. Tackling loneliness and other risk factors is therefore a key element in our strategy to address the abuse and exploitation of older people by focussing on prevention and early intervention. Violet enjoyed her visits with Carralanne, and told us she has a good laugh and a blether every time they meet. Carralanne was also able to talk to Violet about how to keep safe, and how to access further support.  Her family told us “she has really enjoyed your visits, and we can’t thank you enough!”

International Day of Older Persons

As we mentioned in our last issue, the 1st October marked the UN’s International Day Of Older Persons – also known as “UNIDOP”. We reflected on the theme “Pandemics” and how these affect how we address age and ageing.

A key area to think about both during the current pandemic, and at any point, is how we want to age – including the importance of safe and health ageing. One factor which can affect this is ageism. This is because older people face physical and attitudinal barriers that create circumstances of actual or presumed age-related vulnerability which puts older adults at risk of abuse. Our campaign for safer ageing seeks to remove these barriers to empower older people to age securely and live free from abuse.

You can read more about UNIDOP here. You can also read about what we do every day to improve safer ageing for everyone here

Hourglass Scotland: Bringing the abuse of older people to the forefront of housing legislation petition

Hourglass Scotland were asked to provide written evidence to inform a Scottish Parliament petition considering a review of current housing legislation. The petition called for a review of Scottish housing laws to strengthen the housing rights of tenants experiencing domestic or elder abuse.  We know that older people experiencing domestic abuse from wider family members are not entitled to the same legal protection as those whose partner or spouse is the preparator, and are therefore calling for parity in legal rights and protection for all older people experiencing abuse. We also called for improved awareness of adult safeguarding legislation in housing matters, as well as tougher deterrents for those who deliberately target vulnerable older people.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day takes place every year on the 4th of October. It is our opportunity to celebrate the important role grandparents play in our lives. This year, Grandparents Day was an exciting one for Hourglass as we were joined (digitally) by a host of famous faces and high profile social media influencers, who took time from their busy schedules, to share with us their own silver superheroes tributes.
You can see the tributes they shared and read more about Grandparents Day here
Speaking of Silver Superhero tributes…

We’ve been delighted by everyone’s Silver Superhero tributes across the past few weeks – it’s been wonderful to hear about grannies and grandpas, parents, friends and the impact they’ve had.

If you’d like to have a watch of some of these lovely tributes, just click the video and go through to our playlist!

Ageing Well Festival 2020

October marked Brighton & Hove’s Ageing Well Festival 2020! The festival involves a focus on older people’s needs and fun activities, and took to virtual means for the first time, to take place safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can read more about the festival here and about our participation here

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