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Written Statement: Statement on work of the Covid19 Moral and Ethical Guidance for Wales (CMEAG-Wales) Advisory Group

Everyday, health care professionals are being asked to make decisions that are difficult and potentially life affecting. This has always been the case, but during the Covid 19 pandemic, these decisions are intensified greatly.

Guidance has been issued by a wide range of sources to try and support staff carry out their duties and make the most appropriate decisions during periods of immense pressure on the NHS system. The Welsh Government is committed to supporting heath care professionals during this difficult period.

The Welsh Government has convened a Covid 19 Moral and Ethical Advisory Group for Wales (CMEAG-Wales) to advise on issues relating to moral, ethical, cultural and faith considerations, and provide a source of advice to health services to inform equitable and just management of issues arising from the health care emergency response to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

CMEAG-Wales is jointly sponsored by the Minister for Health and Social Services, the Deputy Minister and Chief Whip and the Minister for Housing and Local Government. CMEAG-Wales will provide independent, timely and coordinated moral, ethical and faith related advice, underlining the importance of bringing a rights based approach and the social model of disability to fair and effective decision making in healthcare.

The CMEAG-Wales has representation from Wales wide communities affected by the Covid19, including those at risk of more disproportionate impact from the pandemic. The group includes representation from faith and non-faith groups and third sector organisations, and will source additional expertise as required. Subgroups may be established to consider defined issues with additional membership appropriate to each topic.

The CMEAG-Wales has advised on a statement of values and principles for NHS Wales to use in guiding decisions at this time.

The Welsh Government is working with stakeholders and the rest of the UK to review these important areas and ensure that the public can have confidence and trust in  decisions about healthcare that are needed at these unprecedented times.  

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