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Written Statement: Launch of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for Public Appointments in Wales (2020 – 2023)

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for Public Appointments

Today I am launching the Welsh Government Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for Public Appointments. The Strategy was agreed by Cabinet on 6 January, and represents a significant milestone for improving the diversity of our public leaders in Wales. Whilst progress has been made in recent years—for example in 2018–19, women made up 63.5% of all Ministerial appointments and re-appointments in Wales—a renewed approach is needed in order to improve the wider diversity of public leaders and particularly to widen appointments drawn from BAME groups and disabled people.

The Strategy outlines the case for improving diversity and inclusion in public appointments and intends to build on the good work already undertaken by Boards. Broadly, there are five goals:

  • To gather and analyse data (particularly diversity data) better;
  • to build a robust public appointment pipeline;
  • to ensure that we have open and robust and potentially new types of public appointment assessment processes;
  • to ensure Board members are fully knowledgeable and aware of equality and diversity, particularly in relation to their role; and
  • To strengthen leadership in relation to inclusion and diversity.

The Strategy is focused on regulated Boards only, but with the hope, and intention, it will encourage non-regulated bodies and others to adopt good practice. This strategy not only seeks to increase the numbers of protected groups on Boards, but also promotes the genuine inclusion of everyone who serves on Boards, to allow them to contribute fully using their unique talents. The presence of diversity on Boards will, I hope improve and strengthen decision making, and bring lived experiences to decision making. The strategy can be accessed on the Welsh Government website: https://gov.wales/diversity-and-inclusion-strategy-public-appointments

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