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Written Statement: Corporate Joint Committees – consultation on draft Establishment Regulations

The establishment of Corporate Joint Committees (CJCs) is an integral feature of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill, currently going through the Senedd Committee process.

From the outset I have been committed to working closely with representatives from Local Government and other interested stakeholders to co-develop the CJC model. I am keen to formally progress these detailed conversations relating to establishing Corporate Joint Committees and today I am launching a formal consultation on the draft Regulations which will establish four regional CJCs across Wales.

The four CJCs will be established to exercise functions relating to Strategic Development Planning and Regional Transport Planning; they will also be given a power to do things to promote or improve the economic well-being of their areas. These are areas where there is consensus that working at this scale makes sense – aligning economic development, transport and land use planning approaches to develop successful regional economies and encourage local growth.

The consultation seeks views on the content of the Regulations – which set out their geographical area; the core governance, constitution, finance and funding arrangements; provisions for staffing and workforce; and the functions which they will exercise.

I am consulting on the draft Regulations at this stage of the Senedd committee proceedings, and in advance of Royal Assent of the Bill, to provide local government and other interested stakeholders with an early, and extensive, opportunity to provide their views on the detailed proposals contained in the Regulations. 

It is my intention, subject to the outcome of this consultation, to lay the establishment regulations for consideration in the Senedd early in 2021.  The regulations will be subject to the affirmative procedure and will be considered by the Senedd at this point.

This 12 week consultation will close on 4 January 2021. The consultation document and supporting documents, include a regulatory impact assessment, can be accessed via the following link: https://gov.wales/regulations-establish-corporate-joint-committees

Alongside this formal consultation process, I am also hosting engagement events with local government and other stakeholders.

I am committed to continuing to work with local government and other stakeholders on further developing and implementing CJCs and look forward to receiving thoughts and views through this consultation process.

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