Statistics tell us that 10% of adults experience insomnia and 54% struggle to get to sleep at night so AXA PPP healthcare have decided to look at popular lullabies in an effort to show how they may help us adults too.

For centuries lullabies have been used across all cultures to soothe babies and help them fall asleep.  Some of the ones we sing today are hundreds of years old and yet they still seem to work.

Why lullabies are effective

Lullabies are usually in 6/8 time giving them a characteristic swaying or rocking motion that mimics the movement babies experience in the womb.  They also use descending patterns in notes which can induce a state of restfulness in humans.

Is it possible to create the ultimate lullaby?

In a drive to create the ultimate song or piece of music that would help us to feel calm and drift off to sleep, AXA PPP healthcare examined many popular lullabies and produced two which tick all the boxes and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Which lullaby do you prefer?

The first lullaby has been composed and played by humans and the second has been created by an Artificial Intelligence machine.

Listen to the lullaby composed and played by humans

Listen to the lullaby created by Artificial intelligence

Why don’t you listen to both and decide which one works the best for you?  Hopefully you’ll choose one to help you relax and ultimately send you off to sleep.

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