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At Woody’s Lodge, we are driven by Woody’s dream to build a safe space in a log cabin for his family to live in. It has become our dream to give those who have served a meeting space where they can re-engage with their lives and relationships. Which then enables them to build their confidence post-service in a positive and fulfilling way.

Many of the Veterans and Emergency Service leavers that we meet are struggling under the weight of physical or mental health challenges; at Woody’s Lodge, we approach these challenges in an environment that provides support, safety, care and friendship. Our space is also for their friends and families, allowing them to reconnect with their loved ones as well as creating new friends for the future.

Primarily, those who come to us for help & support across a wide range of topics including: Housing, benefits & pensions as well as health challenges. In addition, we can also offer a meeting place where they have the chance to socialise with their peers from across the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force and Emergency Services, along with those who have served in the Reserved Forces. Those who come to us vary in ages, background and experience, from WW2 veterans to those who’ve served in recent conflicts such as in Afghanistan, as well as every conflict in between.

Sometimes the veterans that come to us are missing the camaraderie of serving, other times they’re struggling with adjusting back to family life. If you’re a veteran who’s in this position and are looking for some help and support or perhaps the chance to socialise with others who’ve had a similar experience to yourself, Woody’s Lodge is here for you.

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