Womens federation for World peace

@ Women’s Federation 4 World Peace- Europe & d Global Women’s Peace Network in Europe Event. Very Hapi 2 c Tamashree Mukherjee, get The Ambassador for Peace Award. Ray n Karen Laurence, Tamashree Mukherjee n self were honoured 2 be Guest Speakers. Tripti’s daughter Samyukta n her friend gave a beautiful Indian classical dance. Aurav Disha engages with it’s members thru music. Chair Banani Sinha-Ray has put in a lot of effort to calm Nehal thru Music – he sang so well- he needs lot of encouragement. Ruby Flavell n her team hv put in a lot of effort 2 put this event tog. Jukie n d others had a good spread of yum yum food. Jukie was very kind 2 give me a lift –

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