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Will you be called upon to help with childcare if schools shut?

Due to the nature of the Coronavirus spread and its likelihood to intensify in the next few weeks, each day we wake up to new headlines. 

Boris Johnson is set to sign off on moving the UK into the delay phase for battling coronavirus during an emergency Government meeting.

When Cobra meets on Thursday lunchtime, the Prime Minister is expected to advance preparations for combating the deadly virus by switching to tactics designed to delay its spread rather than contain the disease.

It comes after the global Covid-19 outbreak was categorised as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and eight people in the UK were confirmed to have died after contracting the illness.

What is the “delay phase”?

The delay phase will see a mixture of the same advice given out, such as encouraging the washing of hands regularly, while also introducing social restriction measures to slow the spread of the virus.

What do they mean by social restrictions?

According to the Government’s published action plan, the restrictions being considered would have “social costs”.

These are thought to include urging employees to work from home where possible and even shutting down schools and cancelling events where masses of people will gather.

Many of our Silversurfers community members are grandparents, and regularly offer support when it comes to taking care of their grandchildren during school holidays.

How would school closures impact you? Will you be offering extra support to your family? On the basis that the over 60s with underlying health conditions are most at risk, how do you feel about this?

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