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Why the rides/attractions on Barry Island promenade are gone

RIDES and attractions have been removed from the promenade on Barry Island.

The promenade on Barry Island has had a number of small rides and attractions on it for the past 12 years, but they have now been cleared from the space.

This is due to a new bidder who will be taking over the site and introducing new attractions to the promenade, which will be in place for at least three years.

The news was confirmed by a spokesperson for Vale of Glamorgan Council who said: “The attractions that have been located on the promenade at Barry Island for the past 12 years are a concession which has been subject to a competitive tendering process on a number of occasions during this time.

“The concession has recently been re-tendered and, following a diligent assessment process, the current provider on this site has not been re-awarded this concession, due to another bidder being selected.

“Therefore, the current attractions are being removed and we anticipate that new attractions will be in place in the coming weeks.”


The spokesperson added: “We would like to thank the current provider for their excellent service over the past 12 years, which we are very grateful for.

“We hope that residents and visitors will enjoy the new attractions, which will be in place for the next three years, and we look forward to seeing this exciting new offer at Barry Island.”

Although Henry Danter owns Barry Island Pleasure Park, which is re-opening its funfair on April 26, he is not the former provider on Barry Island promenade, nor is he the new provider.

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