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Why are we having a second national lockdown? | Discover

Why did the Prime Minister change his mind about a national lockdown?

At the beginning of the press conference on Saturday (31 October), Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer, and Patrick Vallance, the Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, ran through various sources of data the Government has been looking at to help them decide how to handle the next stage of the epidemic.

Overall, the numbers are going up:

People with coronavirus

The number of people with coronavirus has been going up steeply since the beginning of September, and it is now estimated that there are 50,000 people being infected with coronavirus each day. This is happening all over England and is not restricted to hotspot areas. Although the increases were initially among younger age groups, there are now increasing numbers of older people with coronavirus in almost all areas of the country.

However, there is some positive news: because of the changes so many of us have made to our behaviour in the last 7 months, the average person with coronavirus is passing it on to fewer people, so the numbers of people with coronavirus are increasing more slowly than they did in the spring.

People in hospital with coronavirus

The hardest hit regions of England have seen clear increases in the numbers of people going into hospital with coronavirus since the beginning of September, and since the beginning of October all regions of England are showing increases. Looking to the future, the evidence the Government is looking at suggests that, if we didn’t change anything, within about 3 weeks, the number of people in hospital with coronavirus would be higher than the highest number it reached in the spring.

People dying from coronavirus

As with hospitalisations, since the beginning of October deaths from coronavirus have been increasing in all areas of the country. If we didn’t change anything, within about a month the numbers of people dying from coronavirus would be as high as they were at the peak of the first wave of coronavirus back in April.

The numbers have convinced the Prime Minister that, in order to prevent large numbers of deaths and avoid the NHS being unable to treat everyone who needs it, further restrictions on our social contacts are necessary across the whole of England. The Prime Minister has been clear that alternative strategies, whereby people at the greatest risk from coronavirus facing restrictions while the rest of the population live their lives as before and the epidemic runs its course, are not feasible. At Age UK we agree.

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