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Where to find useful Coronavirus guidance


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new illness that affects the lungs and airways. 

After its initial outbreak in China, the disease has spread globally, with significant outbreaks in Japan, Italy and Iran.

Currently the risk in the UK is low to moderate; public health officials are working to monitor any outbreaks and contain the spread as much as possible.

Lack of understanding and misinformation can lead to confusion – here are a list of reputable, trusted sources you can access to find official information and advice about everything from symptoms to travel recommendations.

Condition overview from the NHS

Here you can find official information from the NHS that gives a straightforward overview of the virus.

UK Government response to Coronavirus

If you want to know the latest number of UK cases, latest test figures, and the government’s action plan, the UK Gov website is the best source of information.

WHO Advice for the public

The World Health Organisation has issued advice for the public, including very useful mythbusters that counter some of the misinformation floating around online.

Q&A on Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation has also issued a simple Q&A with answers to some of the most common questions around Coronavirus.

Reassurance about Coronavirus

If you’re feeling anxious about the spread of Coronavirus, these two pieces can help. First, The Guardian has published a list of nine reasons to to be reassured, while inews has a feature titled 10 reasons not to panic .

Are you closely following the Coronavirus outbreak? Share your experiences in the column below. 


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