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Where to find quiz questions for your next Zoom pub quiz!

Family and friends around the country are finding new ways to stay connected and try to have a bit of fun at the weekends.

An online pub quiz is a great way to do this. It can be hosted easily on Zoom or any other video calling platform, and if each team creates a round of questions you can challenge the whole group.

If you’re planning an online pub quiz, here’s some brilliant resources that pull together questions you can use.

100 general knowledge pub quiz questions to test your friends and family

This piece from the Cambridge News is a brilliant resource to help you find general knowledge questions for your next quiz.

50 sport quiz questions and answers 

If you want to put together a sport round, this piece from the Mirror with 50 sport questions and answers is a great place to start.

Film quiz questions

The Metro has a brilliant guide to some current questions for a film quiz round.

300+ general knowledge questions

This guide from the Radio Times is an excellent resource, with over 300 questions you can use for general knowledge and beyond on your virtual pub quiz.

Music, sport and TV trivia 

iNews has put together some questions to help with your music, sport and TV trivia rounds. Scroll to the bottom of the piece for the answers.

16 ‘finish the lyrics’ questions for your music round 

Particularly if your family quiz needs to entertain teenagers or young adults, these questions will make for a fun music round full of popular songs from the 90s and 2000s.  For a more mature audience, these quiz questions focused on 70s music might be more suitable for the group.

30 easy questions for your pub quiz 

Using a mixture of easy and hard questions helps everyone have fun. Here are 30 easy questions from the Radio Times.

15 literature questions from the Express

Want a literature round? Here are 15 questions about classic literature you can use to challenge the group.

States and capitals quiz questions

These questions about states and capitals from the Express will work well for any geography round.

What are your favourite pub quiz themes? Do you have any tips for hosting your own virtual pub quiz? Share your knowledge in the comments below

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