Welsh Senate response to the Commissioners email about the coronovirus report.

Dear Counsel General,

I am writing to you on behalf of the membership of the Welsh Senate of Older People to express dismay at the omission of older people from the Covid-19 Reconstruction: Challenges and Priorities.

The membership would like to support the comments made by Age Cymru, the Older People’s Commissioner and other national older people’s organisations about the report and urge you to issue a written statement identifying the Welsh Government’s priorities for older people.

Older people have been hugely affected by the pandemic, experiencing age discrimination, loneliness, isolation and the effects of reduced health and social care services. This report acknowledges that some cohorts have been affected more than others, but leaves out any priorities for one of the largest.

Older people make a huge contribution to society both through taxation and their voluntary involvement in their communities – they would be an invaluable part of the reconstruction if they were acknowledged and allowed to contribute.

The pandemic has brought to light the underlying problems in our social care system – a system that would not have survived these difficult times were it not for the support of the thousands of unpaid older carers across Wales.

The Welsh Senate of Older People urges you to reconsider the priorities set out in the report and to move towards a reconstruction that will include all generations moving forward together.

Yours sincerely,

Lynda Wallis
Chair, Welsh Senate of Older People

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