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Christmas Day is almost upon us! The advice centre has been working hard to support as many customers and will continue to do so right up to Christmas Eve.


Below you can find our opening hours for the Christmas period.

The Nest scheme is here to help you keep warm and save money on your energy bills.


There are some simple steps you can follow to lower your energy bills and help keep your home warm this winter:


  • check doors and windows for draughts
  • set your central heating timer to heat the house only when you are at home
  • turn off lights and appliances when not in use, and make sure they are not on standby
  • fix leaking taps and make sure they are fully turned off – a dripping hot water tap wastes enough hot water to fill half a bath in a week
  • check with your energy supplier that you are on the best deal or consider switching supplier

Nest provides advice on saving energy, energy tariffs and benefit entitlement and is open to all householders in Wales.


In addition to free advice, if you own or privately rent your home and you or someone you live with receives a means tested benefit you may be eligible for home energy efficiency improvements at no cost. These may include a new central heating boiler or insulation.


If your home is hard to heat, please contact Nest on Freephone 0808 808 2244 for free advice and to see if you are eligible for free home energy efficiency improvements, or visit for more information.

Nest has released its annual report for the financial year 2018-19, which shows that more than 15,600 households across Wales received free and impartial energy saving advice, with over 3,800 homes benefiting from free home energy efficiency improvements which include a new boiler, central heating and insulation.

Nest’s annual report was released shortly after the introduction of the scheme’s health-based criteria, which looks to support people in Wales living with an eligible health condition and on a lower income who are at a higher risk of developing illness as a result of living in a cold home. The health criteria runs alongside our existing criteria for people receiving a means tested benefit, and will support residents living with a chronic respiratory, circulatory or mental health condition.

To view the full annual report, visit the Nest website.

The partner profile section of the Nest Partner Bulletin focuses on Nest partner organisations, sharing case studies, opinion pieces and testimonials, highlighting the great service they provide for Nest.

Riverside Advice are a specialist welfare and rights advice organisation based in Cardiff Riverside deliver specialist casework services in welfare benefits, debt and housing, focusing on delivering services with referral partners  to people living with mental health illnesses, (90% of their clients) and those with physical disabilities, those with early onset dementia and carers.

Since 2011, Riverside has worked with Nest to complete benefit checks for people across Wales. Recently this work expanded to include income checks for those with mental health conditions and other health related disabilities. Through these checks, Riverside can determine if the applicant meets Nest’s criteria through means tested benefits or on health grounds.

The ‘Getting to know…’  feature sees a partner colleague answer five questions about the Nest scheme, their role within their organisation and what their organisation does.

This month we speak to Dylan Mclellan, Nest’s new Partnership Development Manager who will be covering North Wales and Powys. 

Dylan joins us from Citizens Advice in Denbighshire, where he first came across the Nest scheme. Dylan’s previous knowledge of the Nest scheme will come in handy as he settles into the role.

Welcome to the team Dylan!

Q: How have you found your first few months in the role?

A: Hectic! There has been a lot to take in but everyone has been very helpful, friendly and welcoming.

Q: What made you want to be a part of the Nest team?

A: I worked alongside Nest in my previous role with Citizens Advice and saw the positive effect the scheme has on lives across Wales.

Q: What are you looking forward to most?

A: Meeting new people and getting out and about North Wales and Powys to promote the Nest scheme.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A: Use adversity as an opportunity.

Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself?

A: My wife and I are animal mad. We currently have two Chocolate Labradors, four cats, four rabbits and 18 chickens.

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