Welsh government outline plans to crack down on waste crime

THE Welsh Government has revealed plans to make cracking down on illegal exports and waste crime easier.

The number of reported waste crime incidents – such as fly-tipping – received in Wales has increased by 29 per cent between 2018 and 2020.

And this increase appears to be continuing, with figures for the first half of 2021 already exceeding the total number for 2018.

Climate change minister Julie James confirmed the Welsh Government will jointly consult with the other UK nations on a digital waste tracking service.

The tracking service would make it mandatory for those handling waste to record information about what happens to it, from the point it is produced to the point it is reused, recycled, or disposed. 

Ms James said: “Wales is a global leader when it comes to recycling, and today’s announcement is a further example of how we are taking action to move to a circular economy.

“Introducing a mandatory digital waste tracking service will greatly improve transparency in the waste sector and it will crucially also support our action to get maximum value from the materials we collect.

“This will help businesses to comply with their duty of care with regards to waste and help them make more informed choices about how their waste is managed. 

“It will also give businesses the information they need to identify and unlock the full potential value of waste materials, by replacing raw materials with recycled material and providing confidence in supply chains for new innovative solutions.

“Our aim is for the service to also provide annual information on industrial, commercial, construction and demolition waste produced in Wales to replace the current periodic surveys.”

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