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Weight loss goal achieved with Penarth Slimming World group

A WOMAN feels “transformed” after achieving her weight loss goal with Slimming World.

Teacher Nerys Williams lost more than four stone after her friends Slimming World success inspired her to join one of their Penarth groups.

“My friend had been going to Slimming World for three years and was maintaining her weight loss,” said Ms Williams.

“I could see she was eating a variety of foods. This didn’t look like a diet where you have to deprive yourself, so I decided to give it a go.”

She researched local options to find a group which would work around her job in teaching and she set herself a short-term goal to lose two stone.

“I just wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes,” said Ms Williams.

“As soon as I started I felt enveloped in the consultant’s and the group’s care.

“I felt enthusiastic and empowered by the other group members who shared their top tips on a weekly basis.”

After week one of Slimming World she was “astounded” to discover she’d lost six and a half pounds. Within eight weeks she lost one stone and five pounds.

“Members would share food choices and recipe ideas which was great,” added Ms Williams

“I got lots of ideas and had a go at cooking recipes from the online app which was amazing. It didn’t feel like a diet; I could eat what I wanted and moderate my danger foods.

“ We celebrated each person’s success and encouraged each other when we’d had a challenging week.”

During lockdown Slimming World went virtual, but that didn’t stop Ms Williams.

She found working from home gave her more time to cook healthy meals from scratch, which became a part of her family routine with her husband and daughters.

“I was walking miles around Penarth and enjoying my beautiful town and garden,” said Ms Williams.

“This was when others started to notice, as I emerged from my lockdown cocoon a transformed woman.

“The firebreak didn’t faze me and I ploughed on until I finally reached my target weight on December 16, having lost four and a half stone – an early Christmas present to myself.”

Slimming World’s new research of 1.1m members shows the more weight you lose in your first week the more likely you are to be successful in the longer term.

Slimming World’s technique’s include:

  • Food optimising which Slimming World says is “healthy, easy and sustainable”. It involves making small changes towards a healthier way of cooking, shopping and eating.
  • The new member talk – a powerful session that inspires slimmers with the understanding, belief and confidence to think: “I can do this!”
  • Giving members the ongoing support of the group and Slimming World consultant.

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