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Walkers responds after woman eats £100k crisp

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Walkers responds after woman eats £100k crisp

Dawn Sagar, a local supermarket worker, who has unknowingly eaten a Walkers heart-shaped crisp a day after Valentine’s Day, missed her chance at winning the big prize. 

Now Walkers has said it is not willing to bend the rules for the 40-year-old.

A Walkers spokesperson said: “Such a shame that Dawn has eaten that crisp.

“We do need to be fair to all the other Walkers fans that have followed our competition T&Cs and held onto their crisp for safekeeping, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to accept her entry this time round.

“There’s still time if she wants to enter.”

Dawn, from Oswestry, didn’t contact Walkers herself, deciding that because she had already eaten the prize-winning potato crisp that there would be little point in arguing her case.

The crisps company announced the competition at the beginning of February, and it is set to end on March 20,2023, so crisps-lovers still have time to hunt for that perfect heart. 

For more on the competition you can visit https://www.competition.walkers.co.uk/heart_shaped_crisp_hunt

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