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Vale of Glamorgan has made top 10 Welsh staycation locations where the most amount of money is spent

THE VALE of Glamorgan has made top 10 Welsh staycation locations where the most amount of money is spent.

A brand new study has revealed the top staycation locations where we are spending the most amount of money.

Vale of Glamorgan was listed fourth. The retail sector has seen a 16 per cent increase and holiday parks being used for staycations by 89 per cent.

Since the easing of lockdown restrictions and the slow return of normality, people are beginning to venture back out into the world and are spending more money than ever, helping to get the economy back on its feet. However, some regions of the UK are thriving more than others. With everything still up in arms with traffic-light systems, there’s been an evident increase in Brits swapping flight tickets for petrol money. And where are we all spending staycation money? Turns out, we are all heading to Wales.

Retail and recreation has seen a massive spike in activity in certain regions of the UK, especially in places that the Welsh and British facilitate with a much-needed staycation.

Therefore, by using community mobility reports, this study is able to look at where in the UK people are spending the most money within the retail and leisure industries and conclude the staycation locations raking the most amount of money.

Pembrokeshire ranks the top Welsh staycation where we are spending the most amount of money as a nation, seeing a 37 per cent increase in retail and recreational activity. Taking up second place is the Isle of Anglesey seeing a 32 per cent increase and then Gwynedd just below with a 27 per cent increase.

Pembrokeshire also saw a huge increase in holiday parks being used for staycations, with a 261 per cent increase. However, when it comes to holiday parks, Gwynedd actually comes second with a 210 per cent increase, and the Isle of Anglesey coming third with a 151 per cent increase. As bad as the travel industry is at the moment, it’s evident that these hot staycation spots are making more money than they would usually do, and it’s great for us all to find some hidden gems that actually might be just on our doorsteps.


As we move forward into the summer months, these locations have seen the highest percentage increase in the return of retail and recreation out of the whole of the UK – making them all staycation favourites! The one thing these locations all have in common is the access to scenic panoramic views and access to a beach emphasising that we as a nation are eager to splash the cash again to just be able to experience a holiday, and maybe, steal a sunbed.

As a nation, we are spending our lockdown cash in Pembrokeshire, with a 37 per cent increase in retail and recreational activities.

Mobility trends in Pembrokeshire have shown a huge 37 per cent increase in retail and recreational activities in the past month making Pembrokeshire the most popular staycation spot for British holiday goers to spend their money. These include spending money in places such as restaurants, cafés, shopping centres, theme parks, museums and cinemas.

Mobility trends for places like national parks, public beaches, marinas, dog parks, plazas and public gardens have also skyrocketed in Pembrokeshire as we enter the summer months, with a 261 per cent increase from the baseline.

Despite these free activities having no direct effect on the bank balance of the average holiday goer, where there are people, there is a need for food and drink. These open spaces act as a secondary cause to provide cafes and restaurants with their customers and will inevitably encourage us to splash the cash.

How to reduce the risks of Covid cash when on staycation

Despite the world becoming more contactless, when it comes to UK holidays many Brits still pay with loose coins and spare cash for the ice cream van, fish and chip or even when playing arcade games next to the beach.

Cash however is notoriously covered in germs and can help to spread viruses like Covid. A recent study from Gambling.com revealed that UK banknotes hold harmful types of harmful bacteria, such as microbes that cause pneumonia and urinary tract infections, and nowadays Covid could be evident as well.

Top tips for spending cash safely on holiday

  • Sanitize or wash your hands with hot soapy water after handling money
  • Use contactless when possible to reduce the risk of transmission
  • Keep loose money safely secured in a purse or wallet to avoid transferring bacteria to and from other surfaces.
  • If you want to see more details on the dirtiest money in the world you can find the full study here

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