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Vale of Glamorgan council supports Zero Racism Wales campaign

TO coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination that was on March 21, the Vale of Glamorgan Council has pledged its support to the Zero Racism Wales campaign.

Zero Racism Wales is a campaign formed by the Race Council of Wales which calls on all organisations and individuals to sign up to a zero-tolerance policy.

Upon signing the pledge, the Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Cllr Neil Moore, made a statement of intent which reads: “The Vale of Glamorgan Council welcomes the breadth and diversity of tradition, belief and culture of the community.

“It seeks to create, maintain and promote a community in which each person is treated fairly and equally irrespective of race.

“The Council confirms its commitment to a policy of equal opportunities in employment and service delivery.”

The commitments set out by the council in the zero-tolerance policy include:

  • We will take a stand against racism and promote a more inclusive and equal society for all.
  • We will not tolerate racial prejudice, discrimination, harassment, victimisation, abuse, or violence against any individual.
  • We will stand in solidarity, come together, and say no to racism, in all its forms.
  • We will promote good race relations between people from diverse ethnic backgrounds in The Vale of Glamorgan Council.
  • We will promote equal and fair opportunities for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds to attain promotion.
  • We will eliminate unlawful race discrimination, harassment, victimisation and abuse.

The council has also committed to reviewing statues, monuments, street names and building names to ensure they are representative of local people’s values and those of a modern and inclusive council.


This is a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, which brought to light the need to review commemorations to ensure they remain appropriate.

Residents of the Vale of Glamorgan will be invited to suggest a commemoration that they feel should be reviewed. 

A committee will then meet to review any submissions and consider if further steps should be taken.

Cllr More added: “I’m proud to pledge my support to the Zero Racism Wales campaign.

“Discrimination of any kind has no place within our communities and we will do all we can to combat it.

“As an organisation, we remain absolutely committed to the principle of equality regardless of race, age, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation and will continue to tackle prejudice in all its forms.”

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