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Uncovering the true impact of cybercrime across the UK

How often is cybercrime reported across the UK? 

To uncover the extent of cybercrime across the UK, Age UK completed detailed research focusing on individuals aged 55 and over living in England and Wales during the period of 2018-19.

The data collected enabled the creation of the graphics on this page, which outline how many cases of cybercrime were reported in each police force region during this period, as well as the reported financial losses. It is worth noting, however, that only a fraction of cybercrime is reported to authorities, so the true figures are likely to be much higher.

This first data visualisation map looks at the number and percentage of people who reported cybercrime during 2018-19. To view the figures in more detail, hover over each police force region to display the data.

From the data, you can clearly see that the Metropolitan Police region of Greater London had the highest number of cybercrime reports. During 2018-19, 3,821 reports were made, with 12 percent of this figure being those aged 55 and over.

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