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UKIP candidates for South Central Wales in Senedd elections

UKIP has announced its candidates for the South Wales Central region.

Vehicle inspector and music entertainer, Paul Campbell has been announced as the number one candidate for the region, which returned a UKIP Senedd member in 2016.

Mr Campbell, who was born and grew up in Cardiff and works as an entertainer across South Wales, said: “Wales has endured the Senedd for more than 20 years.

“Despite being a stone’s throw from Cardiff Bay, the people of Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys have experienced no benefit from two decades of Labour rule.

“Mark Drakeford’s Cardiff Bay Bubble is a politically correct echo chamber, which has turned its back on Labour’s traditional heartlands.

“People in Rhondda, Cynon Valley or my place of birth in Splott, have nothing in common with overpaid, over promoted, Labour politicians who claim to represent working people.

“At every opportunity, the political class has snubbed its noses at hardworking people on lower incomes.

“From the minimum pricing of alcohol, which punishes the poorest in society, to crippling the hospitality industry through relentless lockdowns – Labour has always ended up on the wrong side.

“UKIP is a party for real people who are sick of career politicians.

“Now, more than ever, Wales’ forgotten communities, some of the poorest in the UK, need a straight-talking party which is unafraid to break with the political consensus.”

21-year-old Ben Dale, who is UKIP’s youngest candidate to stand for the Senedd elections has been selected second for the region.

Mr Dale, who serves as a British Army Reservist, said: “In this election, Labour needs to be reminded it cannot rely and abuse young people’s votes.

“A noisy and extremist minority have been paraded on the mainstream media as the voice of my generation.

“The majority of young people do not approve of vandalism nor obnoxious intimidation tactics to gain sympathy.

“Young people are seeking guidance, strong character and role models – not bullies or harassers.

“UKIP is a party for young patriots. We do not yield to identity politics groups who seek to divide the people of Wales and separate us from the United Kingdom.

“For the first time, 16 and 17 year olds have the chance to vote for real solutions. This is their opportunity to dispel the poison of the Political Establishment.

“This is their opportunity to bring in UKIP.”

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