TV Licences: Changes on 1st Aug

The BBC have introduced their new scheme to charge people over 75 for their TV licence, unless you receive Pension Credit.

I wanted to update you about how to pay for your TV licence but sadly we haven’t been sent information about it by the BBC or TV Licensing. The main thing to remember is you do not need to pay for anything until you receive your letter from TV Licensing. These should land on your doorstep in August or September. We will let you know as soon as we know what the letter looks like so please keep an eye out for scams in the meantime.

We understand TV Licensing will update this page with more information on 1st August:

Check the latest TV Licence advice
We promise to keep the pressure on them at every turn so they make sure this process is easy for older people. We are already seeing the warning signs of administrative chaos, and we hope this will make the Government realise just how foolish it was to transfer a welfare benefit to the BBC.

Lastly, now is the ideal time to check whether you might qualify for Pension Credit which not only gets you a free TV licence but would secure you thousands more pounds a year to top up your pension. I highly recommend checking our webpage or calling our helpline on 0800 169 65 65.

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