Investing in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

It has been widely documented that emissions produced from both diesel and petrol engines contribute significantly to air pollution in the UK. In fact, road traffic is responsible for around 80% of NO 2 measured at the roadside.

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NATS Secures Ten Year Contract at Cardiff Airport

NATS has secured a ten year contract to provide air traffic and engineering services and expertise for Cardiff Airport. The contract, which was signed on 9 July, includes aerodrome, approach and engineering services.

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Climate Emergency: Are we Reducing Enough Carbon from…

The Committee will investigate whether the Welsh Government’s vision for decarbonising transport is innovative and whether it is adequately supporting and encouraging the use of new technology.

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Nextbike Announces Collaboration with Welsh Cycling

nextbike will be working in partnership with Welsh Cycling to offer participants exciting opportunities to use even more pedal power to get around in Cardiff.

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“We Can Build a Truly Inclusive Railway for Wales…

That’s the message from Transport for Wales’ new Accessibility and Inclusion Manager. Dr Robert Gravelle brings a wealth of professional experience to the role.

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