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The one message everyone wants to send to the UK government minister who says people can manage their budgets by buying value brands

The one message everyone wants to send to the UK government minister who says people can manage their budgets by buying value brands

WalesOnline readers have had their say on a UK Government minister’s solution to the cost of living crisis. Speaking to Sky News on Wednesday, the Environment Secretary George Eustice advised those struggling with the rising cost of living to buy cheaper food.

Rising prices across the board have sent UK inflation soaring as the cost-of-living crisis intensified. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said Consumer Prices Index (CPI) inflation rose to 7% in recent months, the highest level since March 1992.

The Bank of England has warned inflation could rise further – potentially reaching double figures in October. When asked about what advice he would give to people facing financial challenges due to inflation and rising costs of living, George Eustice, who earns £150,000 a year, said: “By going for some of the value brands rather than own-branded products – people can actually contain and manage their household budget”.

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George Eustice’s suggestion has faced backlash however, with many calling the minister “out of touch”. WalesOnline readers had their say on a Facebook post.

In response to his words, Gemma Loui said: “What about us who already buy “value brands”, which have also gone up in price. But income haven’t changed to match the cost of living.

“People who have never experienced poverty have all the answers… Sad but I bet there will be an increase of deaths and suicides due to not being able to afford to live anymore”.

Many have hit out at George Eustice’s suggestion on how to deal with the cost of living crisis

Simon Hughes added: “Most people are already using value brands to survive!! Why is every government minister so out of touch !!” While Pauline Garrett pointed out that a lot of people have been buying own brands for years. She said : “This man / this government are totally out of touch they are an absolute disgrace. So many people have been buying own brands for years & I’m sure even those prices have gone up. What a totally clueless government.”

MaryRose Landy said: “Easy to say when one is wealthy!… What about working families that can’t manage because of low wages? What about the 3 million hungry children in school holidays… thank God for Marcus Rashford who showed your party up for what they are, heartless & out of touch with reality.”

Kevin Richard Garlick added: “That is of course assuming that they have any budget left after paying all the essential bills, such as rent, gas electricity council tax, then there are the price rises of food in general!

“Has this man ever been out shopping for weekly provisions? I don’t think so!!”

Rhys Kinsella also had his concerns, he said: “But why should we budget?? We work hard so it would be nice to sit like a king or queen every month with our worries! We are the work force off this country and we struggle to even make ends meet! [Taxes] are just beyond I feel like spewing seeing my deductions”.

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