The latest grave inspections at Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery

THESE are the latest headstones to be inspected at Barry’s cemetery.

Barry Town Council, in accordance with health and safety legislation, is undertaking an ongoing inspection programme to check the condition of memorial headstones within cemeteries.

Any found to be unsafe and likely to cause injury may be laid flat or “lowered down” or “staked and banded” by the Council Memorial Inspector. Details of what this means can be found further down in this article.

Below is a list of memorials inspected in the most recent round of inspections in Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery – if you are the relative of, or know someone related to, those interred in the following graves contact the town council:

  • AA1 Hustler
  • AA51 Jones
  • AA70 Lawrence
  • AA72 Quinn
  • AA76 Fountain
  • AA81 Webley
  • AA87 Harrison
  • AA168 Hewitson
  • AA178 Harper
  • DD141 Thomas
  • O280 Mcparlin
  • O474 Hayes
  • R 21 Jones
  • R52 Harries
  • R95 Jones
  • R158 Strickland
  • S560 Rogers
  • S801 Woodham
  • O69 Timothy
  • N112 Fitzpayne
  • B129 Davies
  • E64 Williams
  • E248 Lloyd
  • C77A Lewis
  • C266 Hendon
  • K607 Monk
  • K866 Ringwald
  • J114 Taylor
  • J202 Jeka
  • A 845 Lark
  • A924a Makepeace

An unsafe grave may be “lowered down” into the excavated area at the head of the grave in front of the memorial base; this will allow some or all of the inscription to remain visible.

If it is “staked and banded” this reduces the risk of the memorial falling and causing damage or harming visitors or cemetery staff.

As this is part of a programme introduced by government legislation it is an offence for the bands to be removed by anyone other than the Memorial Inspector or a Memorial Mason engaged to carry out repairs to the said memorial on behalf of the family.


If you’re responsible for any of the memorials listed above, have concerns about the testing, or want information on how to make your memorial safe you can get in touch through one of the following means:

  • Call the Cemetery Office during normal working hours: 01446 738663
  • E-mail Barry Town Council: [email protected]
  • Write to: Barry Town Council, Town Hall, Kings Square, Barry, CF63 4RW

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