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The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

IPCC / 1988-2021 a good 3 decades to pool global climate science and convey it to a world public. Personally, I appreciate the international experts’ future-oriented, international thirst for knowledge.

But is this IPCC AR6 (or earlier work reports) readable for normal people?

– No – too long, too scientific, too few specific guidelines for political decision-makers who have to convert the knowledge they have gathered into specific local climate protection hardware.

33 years of analysis, diagnosis without any tangible, working therapy.

Less CO² emissions, urgently less CO² emissions, less CO² emissions – or you will die ……

Is this the last word of wisdom to get a grip on the root causes of global warming? – I hope not.

After decades of research and analysis, it is high time to define new approaches to solving increasing global warming.

Anyone who has even the slightest idea of ​​weather, climate and global radiation balances must at some point of emergency ask themselves the question:

What is the best, strongest, most reliable and possibly even the most natural climate protection against excessively absorbed radiation energy from the sun ??? I hope I’m not the only one who says:

— It’s the CLOUDS

— It’s the CLOUDS

— It is the CLOUDS with a net CRE = -19W / m²
— far more than snow, glaciers & polar ice caps and about 5 times as much as the radiative forcing of ~ +3.7 W / m², that will be accumulated since 1750-2050.

* The cloud-free global energy balance and derived cloud radiation effects: an assessment based on direct observations and climate models *

Martin Wild, Maria Z. Hakuba, Doris Folini, Patricia Dörig-Ott, Christoph Schär, Seiji Kato & Charles N. Long

Ordinary, evaporated water. Every firefighter knows it, everyone knows it.

Sea level rise, drought, floods, heat records, and even biodiversity are all issues that are clearly related to the presence or absence of water.

Could humanity please be so clever and put an end to the rapidly advancing desertification, the draining of the continents and the wrong water management?

Everyone understands the idea of ​​artificial irrigation – but artificial clouds seem to be an alien concept and idea. !!! Artificial irrigation = artificial clouds !!!

As if humanity were too stupid to pee a hole in the snow or put a bucket into the rain.

Smart is the one who creates water reserves in the event of impending or already existing water scarcity.

In the driest desert worldwide (Atacama) there were peoples already 1500 years ago who were far superior to our culture in dealing with water – without electricity, digital support and water pumps – only with hands, pickaxes and shovels. They sowed water to harvest it later.

The annual actual volume of the SLR (3.7 mm = 1335 km³) can be kept away from the rivers (global runoff = 49500 km³) with very simple !GLOBAL! measures such as rain barrels, rain retention in cities and, above all, the large-scale consumer agriculture with a switch from groundwater use to flowing river water and then bring this volume to evaporation. Almost any river or creek, even far away from agriculture and cities, has a potential to rewet forests, moors and wetlands.

The mighty volume of 1335km³ loses its horror over the land areas with ~ 9L / m² per year.
27L / m² on 50 million km² of global agriculture is rather a poor supply for a pronounced drought.

I claim that this extra global amount of evaporation and cloud cover has enough negative radiative forcing to even compensate for further increases in earth temperature.

All of the main problems mentioned above (SLR, drought, floods, …) would be solved or reduced by changing the use of water and understanding of the “amunas”, – of course without neglecting a quick conversion of the fossil-fuel machine park to a renewable one. —

Water(vapor) is the strongest greenhouse gas and has a strong NEGATIVE net radiativ forcing.

So I miss that again in the IPCC AR6 – a more holistic climate therapy.

Take out CO² – AND – bring H²O into the atmosphere, should be the motto of future climate conferences, ARs and a newly defined climate protection.

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