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The EUSS deadline is looming

As the deadline for the scheme looms (June 30 2021), we know there will be a core group of people who will not apply by the due date – however much publicity there is promoting the scheme. What is needed is urgent assurance from the Government that older EU nationals in the UK will not at some point in the future find themselves shut out of the NHS and other crucial public services, or even worse be put at risk of deportation, simply because through no fault of their own, they didn’t apply for the EUSS on time.

It is unthinkable that older EU nationals, many of them who have been living in the UK for the majority of their lives, who have worked or raised children here, will not be able to get essential medical treatments or their welfare entitlements, or even possibly to stay here at all, simply because they’re not internet savvy, they do not have a friend or relative to help them, or because they are too scared to leave the house because of the risk of COVID-19. It’s crucial for these older people’s health and wellbeing that their continued access to these services and entitlements is safeguarded.

We sincerely hope that the Home Office will provide older EU nationals living here in the UK with the urgent assurances they need and deserve.

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