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The end of blog comments?

To all and everyone

To my opinion, in my wiew, the climate question has got 2 horizons or aspects.

Not pro & contra like dia- lectic materialism must have it in order to teach and instruct and arrange……

……but REALIA & HVMANIORA., the left and the right hand, the left and the right eye and with a brain brirge in between.

“There is no natural iron curtain between reason and opinion” along with pope and professor emeritus Josef Ratzinger (he is really very old now) ; “both must behave. And by danger of collision, opinion must re-sign , with-draw and give way to reason!”.

( Dia- lectic materialism never understood this. In their religion / to their beliefs and opinion, , Matter gets created, is being mooved, and is getting anihilated again by the holy liturgy of Contra- diction. By class racial political national struggle and regional & global racial bloody class warfare. )

Which alltogether is a politically perverse state- religion that fights the permanence of matter, of energy, and of the electric charge in the climate.

Das Kapital, Capitalism, is no solution to it. It teaches that matter is ruled by one and only one, invisible and greedy hand. Handicap them. REALIA is in charge on that, not virtual reality.

But for HUMANI)ORA, =how do people react to this, We need The Peoples Voice however vulgar, contrarian, wrong, sovjettic mad, confused, psychotic, and sponsored.

We also need that ever and ever “I am no scientist… but…!” together with all those large and professional psevdo- orthodox and inaugurated, teaching spindoctors and trained quacks from the Grand old Progressive Party with P ( = the PPP)…. in order to be able to evaluate and to trick out and to study climate HUMANIORA also.

And for that, the Blog Comment File is really very appropriate, useful, and valuable.

I will really miss it if it is closed down.

I could study HVMANIORA in the monthly “Climate pizza” meeting for open doors, in Downtown Oslo arranged by the climate- surrealists until they closed down due to frustrations and Corona. SIC!…. how I miss it

But your Blog- comment file here has been quite a substitute with allmost as many typical fanatics missionaries, Claqueurs, drunken sailors, inaugurated professional cheaters and spin-doctors from the Party quote. in the provincial Universities. Grown up through and later dismissed/ retired from the GESTAPO.

It is valuable for our necessary studies also of Climate- humaniora.

I will miss it

Thus, better keep it up as long as possible.

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