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The Barry streets with the most recorded car crimes

AN INTERACTIVE map has revealed the worst areas for reported car crime.

Co-Op Insurance launched the tool – Park Smart – which helps identify areas of car crime by displaying the number of vehicle related crimes in different postcodes throughout the UK.

Park Smart uses government crime data based on the number of vehicle related crimes that have taken place over the last six months.

Users simply enter their postcode from anywhere in Wales or England and the Park Smart tool will highlight the risk level in each area based on vehicle theft, theft from a vehicle and vandalism.

The map, which is available here, does not specify which types of car crimes were reported in the area.

Barry’s Broad Street has four car crimes reported in the last six months, with three reported on Fryatt Street, and three on Paget Road.

Here is a breakdown of some of reported car crime in Barry – to explore the map yourself visit www.co-opinsurance.co.uk/hub/park-smart/

  • Broad Street, four.
  • Fryatt Street, three.
  • Paget Road, three.
  • Belvedere Crescent, two.
  • Byron Street, two
  • Colcot Road, two.
  • Coronation Street, two.
  • Kathleen Street, two.
  • Maes-yr-Ysgol, two
  • Aneurin Road, one.
  • Basset Street, one.
  • Beryl Place, one.
  • Clive Place, one.
  • Clive Road, one.
  • Clos Yr Harbwr, one.
  • Cogine Terrace, one.
  • Court Road, one.
  • Cross Street, one.
  • Cwm Parc, one.
  • Digby Street, one.
  • Dudley Place, one.
  • Everard Street, one.
  • Fairford Street, one.
  • George Street, one.
  • Gladstone Bridge, one.
  • Glebe Street, one.
  • Glencoe Street, one.
  • Glen Mavis Way, one.
  • Greenwood Street, one.
  • Guy’s Road, one.
  • Harbour Road car park, one.
  • Holton Road (near Wilko), one.
  • Ivor Street, one.
  • Jenner Road, one.
  • Llantwit Road, one.
  • Lower Morel Stret, one.
  • Main Street, one.
  • Marquis Close, one.
  • Merganser Court, one.
  • Neale Street, one.
  • Newton Street, one.
  • Phyllis Street, one.
  • Plas Cleddau, one.
  • Powell Duffryn Way, one.
  • Regent Street, one.
  • Romilly Road, one.
  • Spencer Street, one.
  • Station Street, one.
  • St Brannock’s Close, one.
  • Thompson Street, one.
  • Taf Close, one.
  • Thistle Close, one.
  • Tordoff Way, one.
  • Waterfront Retail Park, one.
  • Windsor Road, one.
  • Woodham Close, one.
  • Woodham Park, one.
  • Woodlands Road, one.

This list is not exhaustive and the information is accurate at the time of publication.

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