Take action: Update the Highway Code

It’s Time To Make Walking No1

Hello, LYNDA,

As part of its ambitious plans to get the country moving more, the UK government is about to make significant updates to the Highway Code with the inclusion of long-overdue guidance on protecting pedestrians.

Today the Department for Transport has launched a consultation on these proposed changes to the Code – so we need to take action. 

The biggest news of all is the proposal to make walking number 1 – that is, give pedestrians the highest pririoty of all road users. And there are also changes to give pedestrians priority at crossings and junctions as well as more emphasis on slower speed limits.

This news is fantastic – we have campaigned for many of these changes for years – but we need to seal the deal.

Join Our Campaign To
Make Walking Number One

This is our chance to rewrite the rules of the road. Let’s give pedestrians more protection on the roads, and truly begin to make our towns, cities and villages safer and easier for walking.

Living Streets fully supports the proposed new rules relating to pedestrian priority – and hope you will too using our simple online form. This allows you to:

1. Take a short survey and add your voice to Living Streets’ consultation response on behalf of all pedestrians

2. Get tips on how to respond to DfT’s consultation yourself
Find out more about our campaign – and take action today.

Take care, stay healthy, and happy walking.

Matthew Cunningham
Digital Engagement Coordinator
Living Streets

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