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Streetlights near Esplanade to be replaced

THE Vale of Glamorgan Council has confirmed that streetlights on Cliff Hill near Penarth Esplanade will be replaced.

A number of the lights have stopped working or become damaged so needed to be immediately replaced for safety reasons.

A temporary fix has been made involving generic LED bulbs and lanterns being fitted, which will last until more traditonally-designed bulbs and lanterns can be made.

The bespoke bulbs and lanterns will be fitted in the next few months, but no exact date has been given.


Cllr Peter King, Vale of Glamorgan Council cabinet member for neighbourhood services and transport, said: “We have sourced specially-designed LED bulbs and lanterns in keeping with the distinct look and feel of these particular lighting columns.

“However, it will take time for these to be produced and adjustments might also need to be made to the columns before they are fitted.

“In the meantime, other standard LED bulbs and lanterns have already been fitted to these columns to make sure the area is adequately lit.

“Both these temporary and the permanent LED fittings are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than more traditional bulbs.

“Using them further emphasises the Council’s Project Zero commitment, which aims to make the organisation carbon neutral by 2030.”

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