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South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has 15 new firefighters

THERE are 15 new firefighters on the South Wales scene.

Fourteen men and one woman were recently made ‘wholetime duty system firefighters’ for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) and will be based at different stations across South Wales.

Explaining what a wholetime duty system firefighter is, a SWFRS spokesperson said: “The modern firefighter still fulfils the traditional duties of responding to fires and special service calls.

“However, the modern firefighter is also able to switch from this reactive role, to a more preventative role involving educating our communities – communicating with all groups, especially those ‘at risk’ such as the elderly and children.

“As well as communicating through talks, demonstrations and presentations, our firefighters visit the people we serve at home to ensure they know how to keep themselves safe from fire and what to do in case of an emergency.”

The 15 new firefighters’ passing out parade was at their Cardiff Gate Training and Development Centre, on April 16, following 12 weeks of intensive training ranging from core skills, breathing apparatus and water rescue training, and further technical training.


Head of initial training and operational development, Sean Jenkins, said: “On behalf of the SWFRS I would like to congratulate all 15 recruits on this amazing accomplishment.

“This achievement is the result of months of hard work, plenty of sweat and tears, and all while adhering to the strict Covid compliance rules surrounding the training centre which adds an additional burden of responsibility and difficulty to an already tough course.

“Our new colleagues have faced these challenges with outstanding fortitude and have displayed the attitudes and characteristics of which a firefighter should apply.

“We wish them all the best in their future careers with South Wales Fire and Rescue and look forward to watching how they develop throughout their careers here at SWFRS.”

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