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Sex offender sent back to prison in Vale of Glamorgan court cases

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Sex offender sent back to prison in Vale of Glamorgan court cases

A SEX offender has been sent back to prison in a round-up of recent court cases at Cardiff Magistrates Court involving people from the Vale.

Andrew Rumbelow, 42, of Ramsey Road, Barry, who is on the sex offenders register, failed to meet notification requirements related to his sentence.

On December 2, 2022, Rumbelow failed to attend Cardiff Bay Police Station to notify the police of his residential status. Rumbelow failed to register his ‘no fixed abode status’ within seven days of his previous signing.

He pleaded guilty to the offence on January 11 and was sent to prison for four weeks. The reason for his imprisonment was a combination of his previous conviction and this was his second failure to comply with notification requirements.

Liam Chichester, 26, of Railway Road, Rhoose, pleaded guilty to assault and placed under a restraining order.

Chichester pleaded guilty on December 7 for the offence, committed on December 2 at Magellan Close, Barry.

Requirements of Chichester’s restraining order include not to put anything on social media about the victim and not to attend Magellam Close. The order lasts until January 9, 2025.

Chichester was also fined £300, made to pay compensation of £100, and has to pay costs of £85 and a surcharge of £120.

Hannah Hyde, 36, of Barry Road, Barry, was made to pay compensation for a series of thefts.

In May, 2022, Hyde stole various household goods to the value of £62.38 belonging to Home Bargains on Palmerston Road.

She also stole steaks to the value of £11.00 belonging to Iceland on Holton Road at the beginning of September 2022.

She then stole four blocks of cheese, Lenor granules and shower gel, to the value of £20 belonging to belonging to Barry’s B&M Express at the end of September.

Hyde was fined £40 for the offences and made to pay compensation to the equivalent value she stole.

Christopher Pope, 36, of Butt Lee Court, Williams Crescent, Barry, stole laundry detergent, which he pleaded guilty to on January 10.

On August 30, at Barry, Pope stole three bottles of laundry detergent, to the value of £30.00 belonging to Wilkos.

Pope was fined £80, made to pay costs of £85 and a surcharge of £32. The outstanding debt will be paid at a rate of £10 fortnightly.

Richard McAuley, 40, of St Lukes Avenue, Penarth, was fined for failing to comply with requirements of a community order made by Cardiff Magistrates Court on October 12, 2022.

McAuley failed to attend appointments as required on October 18.

He admitted the breach on January 11, 2023, and was fined £40.

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