SCAM’s – new contact for suspected physhing emails.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in collaboration with City of London Police & Action Fraud have a new contact for suspected physhing emails.  Send them to   [email protected]
Action Fraud contact details are:-
tel:- 0300 123 2040
Please also note these current scams:
1) Men offering to carry out building work in Llantwit Major.  Arrived in White Transit Van.  Just be aware as they could turn up anywhere.  Just be careful.
2) Something to look out for is contacting the DVLA via google web site ,someone very close to me sent an application off for a renewed licence but when given all her details and payment details it was scammed ‘ apparently people go on there website and after reading what appears to be the DVLA warning of scams the scammers have built in an invisible screen to have your payments transferred to them, very clear.The bank payed back the monies that was lost luckily.

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