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RECYCLING QUERIES answered by Cllr Leighton Rowlands

  • How do we dispose of razor blades or batteries now Tesco don’t collect them?
Batteries and razor blades are accepted at our HWRC’s but we realise that there are less outlets for these types of waste (especially batteries) as a consequence we will be introducing a kerbside collection for them early next year. Razors will need to be put in the black bag if residents are unable to take them to the HWRCs’
  • Why 3 bags, have we to separate the recycling such as bottles/paper/tins etc and put them in separate bags?  We have had no instructions.
The service changes will not be introduced in Barry until Spring 2020. There will be a letter enclosing a flyer and any containers required prior to the service change in 2020 will be delivered to every household with an instruction leaflet. Until then residents in Barry just need to carry on comingling their recycling and place it for collection in their blue bags or boxes
  • The Council is not collecting plastic bags anymore how do we dispose of them or know if they are recyclable have they to go in the black bags? (Items like loaf bags/shopping bags/packaging/charity collection bags etc.)
Yes all film needs to be placed within a black bag. They are no longer accepted or recycled.
  • Does it mean that the Council is not accepting anything filled into a plastic bag because I use wipes which you can’t put down the toilet because they don’t degrade, but a plastic bag keeps them separate from other waste.
This is fine as long as its placed within a black bag. The use of single use plastic only applies to dry recycling collections i.e. paper, cans, glass, plastic, card etc…
  • How do we store personal items like incontinence pads, ladies pads, nappies etc. if we can’t put them in separate bags to stop them smelling?
We offer a black box collection and a separate purple bag for residents that need extra help with this waste. It can be arranged by contacting the Councils call centre (bags) or by purchasing a box at £2.
  • How do I dispose of things like old shoes and other things like that which used to be discarded into the bin?
They can either be disposed of in a black bag or recycling at our HWRC.
We will organise a presentation in 2020 for the new changes

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