Recycling firm hit with hefty fine for fly-tipping offences

A SOUTH Wales recycling business has been ordered to pay nearly £17,000 in fines and costs, having been found to have committed a series of environmental offences.

Earlier this month (Wednesday, January 5), Gill Waste Recycling Limited appeared before Gwent Magistrates Court in Cwmbran, having been charged with five offences.

But, while two of these were dismissed with the prosecution offering no evidence, the company, which had initially pleaded not guilty, changed its plea to guilty on the three remaining charges.

Though the firm is located at an address on Llanover Road, Pontypridd, it appeared before magistrates in Gwent, having been prosecuted by National Resources Wales (NRW).

The charges relate to 10-20 tonnes of mixed household waste, which were unlawfully dumped at an address on Sutton Road, Llandow, Cowbridge.

What did the court hear?

Magistrates heard that the person or business “imported, produced, carried, kept, treated or disposed of controlled waste failed to take all reasonable measures to prevent a contravention of section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 by the unauthorised or harmful depositing, treatment or disposal of waste”.

On this charge, the business was fined £700.

The second charge convicted the business on the basis that it failed to ensure that it transferred waste to a person who was authorised to transport the waste in a way that would not contravene the Environmental Protection Act 1990. A second count of this charge was dismissed.

This also came with a £700 fine.

The third charge, saw the firm fail, without reasonable excuse, to comply with a notice served on October 8, 2020, to remove waste from Unit 1, Sutton Road, Llandow, Cowbridge, by November 5, 2020 – this too came with a £700 fine.

Though initially charged with knowing causing controlled waste, in the form of 10-20 tonnes of household waste, to be deposited on land without authority or permit, this was also dismissed at court.

Despite initially pleading not guilty, the firm’s later guilty plea was taken into consideration.

Along with the combined £2,100 in fines, the firm was also ordered to pay £4,200 in compensation, costs of £10,486, and a £181 surcharge to fund victim services.

The business is required to pay £750 per month, until the balance of £16,967 is paid.

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