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His brain went KIA: about his hare-brained idea of covering the Arctic ocean with 2-3 feet thick reinforced fiberglass? plastic? styrofoam panel big enough to allow travel by skidoos:
It makes no difference if they float around with currents – as long as they stay in the Arctic Ocean“,

The point was that they won’t stay. Hence my original post (i.e. different that the one you replied to):

Piotr, Oct.31″ “And are you going to nail your styrofoam to the water, genius? Ever heard of winds and ocean currents?”

HIs Brian KIA: ” They’d have to be heavy enough that the wind would not lift them and blow them through the air. “
Nobody was saying it would, The point was that with the most of their volume above the water and being light – they will perfect target for the wind drag – and therefore they will sail out of the Arctic ocean much faster than if they relied only on the the currents would be able to do it. So another reason why they won’t stay there.

And as I said – the Artic is the WORST place to deploy them -precisely because of what you imagine to be the main …advantage:
His Brain KIA: “Although I think the lower angle of incidence of sun rays in the Arctic would be best ”

No, it would be the worst, genius – low angle means that there is much less solar radiation per m2, and low angle means much higher reflectance of the water surface – ocean water reflects
3-5% of incoming direct radiation at high angles (0-60 deg, incidence angle – i.e. degrees from zenith), then at low angles – quickly increases toward 100% as we approach 90 deg. incidence angle (i.e. the Sun on the horizon). So high latitudes with their Sun low over horizon are the WORST places to increase the albedo.

So you would have to start closer at home: say California, Gulf of Mexico, US Atlantic coast, which I am sure will make you hugely popular in America for the reasons I discussed in the original post – see below.

Piotr Oct. 31: :

” I’d bet the locals and tourists will enchanted by your visions – no more going to the beach – not only it is hard to swim, coming up for air with a giant 2-3 foot thick reinforced styrofoam over your head. Heck, you probably don’t get even that far – as the access to the water would be blocked by the piles of KIAfoam, broken into pieces by storms and ships and washed ashore. Small pleasure crafts would not be a match for foaming KIA – so no more of those.

Of course by blocking light from entering the ocean you would kill the photosynthetic algae and cyanobacteria – since they are the sources of food from practically everybody else -you would kill the life in the ocean. Mind you – not much will be left there anyway – since the only reason for KIAfoam is to AVOID reducing CO2 emissions, thus to allow increasing atm. conc. of CO2 and with that – increasing the other major effect of human CO2 emissions – acidification of the ocean. So no more fish-food and fishermen.

So no more beach, no more boats, no more diving and surfing, no more fishing, no more fishermen, no more seafood. I can see you winning in all the US coastal states on that platform.

But there might be one thing that could give you a pause – since your KIAfoam panel are large and sturdy enough to allow travel by snowmobiles – guess what major NEW illegal immigration route into the US has just opened, courtesy of Mr. KIA… Your redneck friends will be thrilled with you, I presume?

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