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RealClimate: Unforced Variations: Jun 2021

UAH TLT has been posted for May with an anomaly of +0.08ºC, a rise on March & April’s anomalies (-0.01ºC & -0.05ºC respectively) but still below Jan & Feb anomalies (+0.12ºC & +0.20ºC respectively). That gives May 2021 the =111th highest anomaly on the UAH TLT record (out of 510 on-record months. It is the =10th warmest April (out of 43) on the UAH TLT record. (April 2018 sits in 12th warmest spot.)

The first four months of 2021 on the UAH TLT record average +0.07ºC and sit as the 14th warmest start to a year on UAH TLT, it being the coldest start since 2014.

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