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RealClimate: Unforced Variations: Dec 2021

Re: post by Reality Check. .

1. Piotr Nov28: “Except, the early people didn’t use the fire to effect long-term intricate changes wisely aimed to improve the ecosystem – it just happened – either when wildfires started to flush out the animals to be hunted, went out of control, or when ambers from bonfires, they kept all the time for cooking, comfort and protection – started unintended wildfires.”

Reality C: “ Well, that is totally false…

Prove it. The onus is of the proof is on the accuser: “ toxic poison from P.” “Comments like this turn the place into a sewer” [ (c) Reality C. Nov 29])

2. Piotr 28 Nov: “What I DID question was much more specific type of knowledge – the one REQUIRED by Killian’s argument here, namely: the knowledge sophistication NEEDED to deliberately PLAN engineering of entire ecosystems to maximize the benefits to the humans! And to accomplish it, 85 ky ago, without the benefit of modern science and with hardly any technology.”

Reality C: “ this missive, Lie, Misrepresentation, garbled falsehood, logical fallacy …or whatever it is” […] “So, Piotr why did you make that up? Why are you lying about what Killian said”. […]No where does Killian say engineering of entire ecosystems etc “.

Sheesh, I even capitalized for you the important word there: “the one REQUIRED by Killian’s argument”, not “the one spelled out by Killian”. In any discussion you can criticize opponents EITHER for what they wrote, OR, for what they failed to see. The latter points out the logical gaps in their argument, i.e. it is NOT a “lie” about that argument (“Piotr why did you make that up? Why are you lying about t what Killian said” (c) Reality C.) Somebody patronizingly lecturing others: “ sharpen up your reading comprehension/memory ” should have known this.

3. Reality C: “ I was NOT defending Killian or his reply post/s – Wrong again!

Sure, when you REPLY to my post by writing RC: “Surely this level of toxic poison from P. has no place here or anywhere for that matter. Comments like this turn the place into a sewer)
then it has NOTHING to do with Killian’s “arguments” my post was …. replying to…

And I could have gone through the rest of the Reality C.’s many pages of misunderstandings, willful misrepresentations, and baseless accusations,
but who has THAT kind of time,..

^* a few gems of Killian’s points from the post I was replying to when attacked by Reality C.:
“you are still steeped in the pile of dung”, “unintelligent denial of the most up-to-date science”, “your self-inflicted ignorance”, “you piddle all over the boards saying ignorant things […] like this gem of dung”,” Your bigotry is way too clear”, [you are willing to say any stupid crap”

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