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  1. As I have ulcerative colitis, public toilets are a life line to the outside world when I’m having a flare up. I hope people with chronic illnesses will be able to use their RADAR keys and use them for free?
    I feel that paying for the use of public toilets will be the cause of a few embarrassing moments for a variety of people, not just people with bowel disease ect and the knock on effect will be diminishing footfall on our high streets and beaches.

  2. I realise that the public toilets that historically were available were closed for a reason but there is a real need for these facilities. From children to pregnant women and older people if you are spending time away from home you may well need to use toilet facilities. For many, the lack of these facilities will cause them to avoid going to places/taking part in activities.

  3. Great idea we definitely need more public toilets around, eh cadoxton, high st and also near parks., but they should be free.

  4. How embarrassing & undignified you must feel to be caught short. Simple basic need to use a toilet and the facility hardly exists. Come on VOG, sort this problem out!

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