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Adapting our processes to suit time pressures

Producing a coronavirus print guide provided its own challenges. Content on the website can be changed and updated relatively quickly, but print is different. There are also costs involved with both designing the guide and printing it.

We spoke to the design agencies that have helped us in the past – Harrison Agency and Lark – about what we were thinking of doing. Incredibly, they both offered to help completely free of charge. At a time that charities are feeling the financial effects of the current circumstances, we were so grateful for their generosity.

Usually, our information guide update process takes at least a couple of months start to finish – this includes reviewing the existing information, rewriting or updating information, having the experts check it’s all accurate, having the guide designed and going through the sign-off process.

Though we knew it would be a tall order, we set ourselves an internal deadline of 1 week to produce a brand new information guide. We managed to send the guide off to the printers on day 8. This process taught us that when emergencies arise, we’re able to streamline our processes accordingly, which was a very useful thing to learn.

To date, the guide has been downloaded more than 4,500 times online and we have distributed more than 5,000 printed copies

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