Policing in response to covid-19 – Feedback form

As part of the Commissioner’s regular scrutiny and support of the Chief Constable, and the officers and staff of South Wales Police, the Commissioner has been encouraging communities to raise questions they may have in relation to the Covid-19 crisis and how it is affecting local policing.
We would be grateful if you could share this email with your service users or with anyone you feel would be willing to provide their views.
Please spare a few minutes to share your concerns, questions, or positive stories about policing in response to covid-19 by completing our online feedback form Our online form enables you to share feedback in the fields provided or to upload a video with your questions/concerns.
We would like you to provide feedback on any of the following;
– Any concerns you would like to share about policing in response to COVID-19
– Any positive stories you would like to tell us about policing in your community
– Any questions you would like to raise about policing in South Wales in response to COVID-19
– if you have any preferences about how you would like South Wales Police or the Commissioner’s team to engage with you during social distancing
Once we have gathered all feedback, the Commissioner’s team will meet with South Wales Police to discuss your views and the information provide. It’s important to us that we understand your views and any concerns you may have during these uncertain times so please do try to take part.
Links to the feedback form can be found here;
English online form –
Welsh online form –
The closing date for responses is 22nd May 2020.
Many thanks for your support.

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