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Pension Credit – Make sure you receive what you’re entitled to

As the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, I have seen the positive difference that Pension Credit can make to older people’s lives but every year thousands of older people in Wales miss out on millions of pounds of unclaimed financial entitlements.

If your weekly pension is less than £167.25 (£255.25 for couples), you may be eligible for Pension Credit, which tops up your income and unlocks a range of other entitlements, such as council tax discounts, free dental treatment and help with housing costs. You may still be entitled to Pension Credit even if you own your own home or have savings and other income.
Call the Pension Credit claim line now to make sure you receive what you’re entitled to!
☎ 0800 99 1234

The average amount of Pension Credit received by those claiming is £58 a week, which could boost your income by as much as £3,000 a year!
It’s really easy to claim Pension Credit – all it takes is a phone call. You just need your national insurance number, your bank details and information about your income and savings.

Heléna Herklots Older People’s Commissioner for Wales
www.olderpeoplewales.com \\ 03442 640 670

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