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Penarth primary school fundraising to improve playground

PARENTS and teachers at Victoria Primary School in Penarth are fundraising to replace aging playground equipment.

The school’s Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) has started a GoFundMe page to replace the trim trail and add new equipment to the playground.

At the moment, the current equipment is old and parts of it are taped up so that children cannot access it.

All the new equipment has been selected by the school council so the children have had a direct say in what they would like for their playground.

Normally, the funds would have been raised by the PTA through events such as their Summer Fete and Christmas Fair – but these have been impossible due to lockdown restrictions.

Philippa Dixon, a parent who set up the GoFundMe page, said: “We’re basically just asking for donations because normally we hold various events, in-person things like summer and Christmas fairs and what have you.

“But obviously and particularly in winter having indoor things has been impossible.

“Primary schools, particularly after 10 years of austerity, can have very reduced funding and are having to think of different new and different ways to raise funds.”

The fundraiser is attempting to raise £5,000 to begin the refurbishments so the equipment will be avilable in spring or summer.

At the time of writing, £765 has been raised since the fundraiser was started on January 31.


Ms Dixon said: “I was speaking to the alternative learning needs coordinator and she was saying we’re seeing more and more children with complex needs arising post lockdown.

“So it’s more important than ever thatthe children can play outdoors and just have that kind of physical play.

“But at the moment, in Victoria Primary School, there’s just not the equipment in the right condition to do that.

“I think after lockdown, now, more than ever, children need physical play.

“They need to be free to play at lunchtime to just play with each other and enjoy each other’s company.”

The fundraiser can be viewed here.

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