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Penarth Civic Society: Talk on The Kymin and West House

PENARTH Civic Society are meeting soon – with people welcome to join them.

On Thursday, May 19, Chris Riley will be talking about “The Kymin and West House: fragments of the past” at a Penarth Society meeting.

The meeting and talk will take place at St Augustine’s Hall, on Albert Road in Penarth, from 7pm on that date.

The Kymin is considered a Penarth treasure; West House rather less so. But both are exceptional.

The talk will tell a story full of farmers, smugglers, Cardiff toffs, politicians and businessmen and show how these two buildings and their inhabitants reflected the changing fortunes of the village and the town.

It will also look at how the historical building are among the few survivors of a past landscape which is otherwise almost completely lost.

Entry to the meeting and talk, from 7pm on May 19, is free for members of Penarth Civic Society and £2 for non members. Tea and coffee will be served at the event from 6.30pm.

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