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Penarth, Cardiff and Vale areas with South Wales Police patrols

BARRY Island will be a focus for South Wales Police this weekend – with the power to move people on. There will also be increased patrols in Penarth.

The powers come under the Section 35 notices, which will allow officers and PCSOs patrolling the area to move people on if they are acting in an anti-social manner.

In a statement, South Wales Police said: “Ahead of another sunny weekend, and the likelihood that many will be heading to Barry Island, Cardiff Bay and SA1 in Swansea, we appreciate that most are doing so in accordance with the regulations.

“We are not there to monitor visitor numbers and prevent those visiting in a law-abiding manner from enjoying. We are there to ensure public safety.

“Anti-social behaviour and criminality has a detrimental impact on our communities, and we will be patrolling key areas over the weekend to prevent such activity.”


The statement continues to reiterate the importance of making sensible choices, maintaining social distancing and not putting anyone at unnecessary risk.

“Our officers will continue to engage with our communities to help them understand the restrictions that do remain in place, however Section 35 notices in place for the weekend which gives our officers and PCSOs the power to move people on from the area that are acting in an anti-social manner.”

There will also be increased patrols in the Vale of Glamorgan including at Ogmore and Penarth.

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