Penarth brand nominated in The Great British Food Awards

THE Great British Food Awards have chosen a Penarth-based company to in the final in the non-alcoholic category for 2021. 

Juniperl is an increasingly popular non-alcoholic spirit that was recently launched to meet the demands of the growing alcohol-free community. 

Co-founders Rebecca and Wes are delighted to have their brand nominated. They launched the brand in late 2020, with their aim to offer the world a healthier option to gin.

JJuniperl has a dreamy Mediterranean vibe to it, offering a the delicious and drinking experience to customers without the hangover the next day.

The global alcohol-free industry has evolved and witnessed tremendous growth in recent times, as society’s attitude towards alcohol continues to change. The case is not particularly different in the United Kingdom, with the 2019 Buyer’s Guide to Mindful Drinking putting the value of the alcohol-free beverage market at about £116 million. 

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An online review from James B said: “Unlike other non-alcoholic products that have a chemically taste this is a great non-alcoholic spirit and the best I have come across, tastes exactly like gin. Would highly recommend and will be purchasing again.”

The winner of the Great British Food Awards Non-alcoholic  Spirits/Wines/Beers category will be announced on 28th October 2021. 

For more information about Juniperl and the alcohol-free movement, please click here.

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