With long winter nights and dark early mornings fast approaching, we should all be looking at ways to keep ourselves safe.

Tried and tested by the Silversurfer’s community we have chosen 3 affordable items which we believe will provide that extra sense of security when we’re out and about or coming home at night.

Black nickel solar wall light   Only £9.99

This is a solar powered wall light with sensor which turns on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.  Light will stay at very low level light (10 lumens) until motion is detected within approx. 5-8 metres, at which point brightness will increase to 220 lumens.  Brightness will reduce where motion has not been detected after approximately 20 seconds.  Great to have in your garden or as a porch light.  No wiring needed and a rechargeable battery included.

Handy mini lantern and torch   Only £11.99

A multi-functional mini lantern & torch helpful for all sorts of activities in the dark from camping to walking the dog.  A 2-in-1 device – in one guise it’s a vari-strength torch, and in the other a hanging lantern. To go from torch to lantern mode – untwist the light, extend and hang using the included loop. Choose your strength of light – strong, medium or flash – depending on your needs.

Portable safety device with 120-decibel siren and handy light   Only £14.99

If you ever find yourself in a vulnerable situation – having an alarm at your fingertips could really help. This portable safety device has a 120db siren that goes off should you want to attract attention. A PIR sensor will detect motion so you can sleep soundly knowing you’ll be alerted if there are any movements around you. To make this gadget even more handy – it includes a bright LED light and wrist lanyard.

Many more items like these can be found at the Silversurfer’s shop.

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