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Our 2022 Gender Pay Gap

In the United States, Equal Pay Day, initiated by the National Committee on Pay
Equity in 1996 remains a hashtag every March to bring
awareness to the ongoing wage gap, despite many women continuing to show the
equivalent or surpassing education and experience in their sector next to their
male colleagues.

And we haven’t even really progressed the conversation on the
pay disparity between white men with the same education and experience as women
of colour.

So, what now? What more do we need to do? How much more data,
themed days and hashtags do we need to reinforce that it is cultural and
societal expectations on gender roles, working hours and childcare
responsibilities (to name a few) that result in women being disproportionately
underpaid. When will women be rewarded equally without having to ask or fight
for it?

These are difficult questions of course, free to be debated
and challenged amongst family members, every type of partnership, workplace,
educational space and industry. What now? What next?

As HR Manager for Global Witness and as a woman of colour, I
have contemplated these questions myself. I am often left feeling overwhelmed and
quite ready to distract myself with an indulgent dessert when I consider the magnitude
of work we all have to do to make generational changes about the value placed
on women at work. But as I reflect on the words of Maya Angelou:

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