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Open Thread Update: Whining and Dining

Last time, the Open Thread mentioned how the dining experience has become more of a dining – trial.  And you had plenty to say about it, especially as it regards….

…eating in “Siberia”…

One thing I don’t miss about dining out is how they look for THE furthest out-of-the-way table at which to seat me. Me, the woman in the wheelchair.

– Amy

…not to mention the NOISE!

I agree so much with you Virge! PLUS, the noise in restaurants (without counting their annoying “music” at sometimes painful decibels)… just doesn’t make it appetizing enough to looking forward to them.


She’s got a great solution in the rest of her comments. For a few readers, the whole dining thing is definitely over…

It will be a long time, if ever, that I will eat inside a restaurant. Even when younger, if I went to a restaurant with another woman, they tried to seat us near a bussing station or kitchen door. The music was extremely loud and we had to scream across the table



It is not just you, I concur 100%. The portions are definitely smaller, the prices higher, the service is sub-par and you can’t get the table you want because they don’t have the staff to accommodate!


Why don’t you tell us how you really feel, Debi. 

We’ll leave the last word to Barbara…

I have come to serious thinking when arrival at a restaurant host stand and they give me look-over well groomed stylish women that uses cane and grey hair. When they give me a table I don’t care to take I refuse and ask for the one I want to be seated at and have never been refused, and chuckle under my breath, the host knew that you can’t get away with nonsense, but let’s see if we can get away. Poor soul they will eventually earn. Don’t fool around with old timers you will not be a winner.


That’s not only aging with attitude – that’s dining with attitude!

 We’ll leave the comments open for a while so feel free to add yours!  The original column is just below.

The last time I went to a restaurant in the Before Times (my term for Pre-pandemic life), I met my pal John G. at a Brit pub in my neighborhood.

We talked about how weird it was to see all the stats about the increasing number of COVID cases. Our table was this close to another one and we had to shout a bit to hear each other over the conversations at the other tables, the clatter of silverware and plates, and the sound system blasting “Music to Eat Your Food Quickly By.” (The speakers always seem to be right over my table.)

Then two years passed of eating at home. Quiet, peaceful, hear-yourself-think dining.  I recently began dining out again and I realized…

…I’m out of practice.

Whining and Dining

Now I have to search for a table away from the speakers.  And I don’t eat Sunday brunch at the usual time anymore…because while I like small kids, they don’t have a volume control.

And, of course, there’s the ‘let’s seat the older lady/ladies near the waitstand/kitchen” syndrome.

I also notice portions have gotten smaller but the price tag has gotten bigger to compensate. And, of course, there’s the ‘let’s seat the older lady/ladies near the wait stand/kitchen” syndrome.

I don’t know, maybe it’s me. Have I gotten too picky/persnickety about dining out – with all my pet peeves? How about you? Let us know in the comments!

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